In relation to maintenance of a building, REKANOX HOLDINGS LTD via their department that is responsible for this sector undertakes maintenance of buildings, shops, houses etc. upon yearly basis.


The procedure that is followed is stated below:

A on-site visit is carried out at the area by our experienced engineers whereby they record the current situation as well as the existing equipment and their maintenance needs.
Next a meeting held with the client to discuss and determine the needs, the schedule of visits etc.
Lay out of the annual preventive maintenance program of the electrical and mechanical equipment space. 

Completion of forms with the work performed out per maintenance (These forms are completed by the technicians at each visit and are reported to the person in charges that is defined by the customer in order to achieve the process control).

Specifying time intervention limits if corrective maintenance is needed


The corrective maintenance operations - damage repairs are usually divided into three categories:
Emergency interventions if the fault affects the operation of the building (e.g., power loss, complete loss of light). Usually the response time in emergency procedures is within three hours from the call. 

Interventions of repairing equipment where the fault does not directly affect the operation of the building, the response time is next business day.

Implementation of new facilities or changes in existing facilities. In this case first a financial offer is provided whereby we clarify the working time required.